Hi! I'm Lillian.

I authored Data Science For Dummies, Editions 1, 2 & 3. It’s my baby!

I hope you ♡ it!

data science for dummies author

My Story

When I made the transition from side-hustle to full-time entrepreneur (back in 2013), Facebook Menlo Park was trying to recruit me for the ultimate data position in Silicon Valley. It was a clear test of my resolve. Without a second thought, I declined those interview requests and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I lived off $600/month in order to bootstrap my data startup from near-scratch.

10 years in, 9 books written, 16 online data courses authored, and over 1.7 million data professionals trained, I’m fully supported with robust partnerships and an incredible team to help keep the business thriving. We’ve built an online community of over 650k brilliant data professionals. And after having supported over 10% of Fortune 100 companies through my data startup, I decided to take my go-to-market & product growth talents and pivot our business’s mission. 

Our mission: To help startup founders and leaders make more money by utilizing our powerful growth, marketing, and product strategies.

Oh, and I’ve been an expat, working remotely for the last 10 years. While sometimes I’m running my business from my luxury villa in the Gulf of Thailand, other times I’m running it from the road while I travel the world with my loving husband + children in toe.

Achievement for the sake of achievement got OLD fast!

After helping educate over 1.7 Million data professionals, and after having supported > 10% of Fortune 100 companies – – achievement for the sake of achievement got a little boring.  I started craving impact in a major way, so – wouldn’t you know it – I flipped my business on it’s head and set forth on a new mission.

That Mission

To help startup founders and leaders make more money by utilizing our powerful growth, marketing, and product strategies.

Some Companies I Helped
(before the pivot)

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